Create customized Newslettes from your Colibo News and reach you


Inbox with selected News topics. With a personal tailored list of News connected to your Colibo platform, you can create more engagement even for remote or colleagues on the move which are normally hard to reach.



Stay connected with selected news topics. Colibo’s personalized newsletter feature allows you to engage even the most remote or on-the-go colleagues who are typically harder to reach.


Engaging some colleagues on your intranet platform can be a challenge for various reasons. They may be working in situations where they are physically away from screens, with limited time for digital catch-up, or find it difficult to adapt to a unified communication platform. Colibo provides a range of solutions to reach these colleagues, including info screens, app solutions, notifications, and now, customizable newsletter emails.

Multiple Newsletter Lists

With Colibo’s newsletter feature, you can create multiple lists for different purposes, topics, or target audiences. This enables you to easily manage and send out newsletters tailored to specific groups, such as management newsletters to selected managers or IT security updates to the entire organization.

Co-create with Your News Editors

For each newsletter list, you have the option to receive input from your news editors on relevant news. By creating open newsletter lists, you can invite your news editors to suggest news articles for inclusion in the newsletter. However, you always have the final say on whether or not to include the suggested news. News editors will also be able to see if the news has already been sent out.

Easy Management, Testing, and Distribution of Newsletter Emails

Building a newsletter is a breeze. The intuitive admin interface displays all the suggested news articles for your newsletter, which you can choose to include or exclude. Additionally, you can easily search and select news from the platform. You have full control over the order of the news articles. Before distributing the newsletter, you can send a test email to review the layout and ensure everything is in order.

Secure and Flexible Setup

The module automatically ensures that each user receives news that is relevant and accessible to them. Before sending out the newsletter emails, you will be asked to approve the list of recipients, and you will have visibility into the number of emails being sent.

Key Features:

  • Engage hard-to-reach users effectively.
  • Increase activity on your Colibo platform.
  • Distribute relevant news to users via email.
  • Create multiple newsletters with different topics for various target audiences.
  • Automatic filtering of news to ensure recipients receive only relevant information.
  • Invite news editors to suggest relevant news for your newsletters.
  • Easily create, test, and send newsletter emails.


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