Colibo Infoscreen

Colibo Infoscreen empowers you to manage and distribute content to your entire organization on unlimited screens across all of your locations.


A flexible and user-friendly solution that works independently or as an extension of the Colibo intranet.
Easy user management, a flexible layout editor and the intuitive user interface are just a few key features.


The Infoscreen solution runs on all types of screens via a browser window.


Colibo Infoscreen allows you to display content on unlimited screens in unlimited locations across your organization. Infoscreen is powerful for keeping both employees and guests well-informed about important topics without going through their computers or phones.

The integration is both intuitive and flexible, allowing you to display different types of content on separate groups of screens simultaneously, all using a simple drag-and-drop interface inside Colibo.

Integrated with Colibo or a standalone solution
Whether your organization is already using Colibo intranet or you want to use this as an independent solution, you can leverage Colibo Infoscreen to strengthen communication in all corners of your organization. There is absolutely no requirement to implement a full-scale intranet project in order to benefit from Infoscreen.

Flexible integration
Colibo Infoscreen offers huge possibilities for integrating content from your intranet or third-party systems. Screen content is held by widgets, which are flexible building blocks that you can customize as needed. The result should be a solution which provides tremendous value to everyone in your buildings.

Easy content management
Colibo Infoscreen is built with the same user-friendly ‘drag-and-drop’ layout control that characterizes the rest of Colibo. You can easily create new content and distribute it across all screens in your organization (or predetermined groups of screens) regardless of type and location.

Key features:

  • Centralized overview of the content on all screens, across all locations.
  • Screen content managed by administrators, individual users, or assigned groups of users.
  • Control screen layout using widgets.
  • Intuitive user interface lets you create new content.
  • Use your logo, colors and photos for on-screen branding.
  • Infoscreen works on all screen types.
  • Prepared for touch functionality.


You can get Colibo Infoscreen as an integrated solition with your Colibo intranet or as a stand-alone solution. 

Customization of your Infoscreen solution is possible. Please contact our team if you would like to know more.

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